​A graduate of Seton Hall University, Matt

received his B.A. in Television Production 

and double minored in Theatre Studies and 

Theatre Performance.                 

Born and raised in Astoria, NY, no one ever

believes he's a real New Yorker. A nice guy, 

who believes chivalry is not dead and loves

Mexican food.                                       

 GIROVEANU: Jeeroh-VAN-ooh


You can find him singing made-up musicals and performing Musical Improv at The PIT every Wednesday night at 7p on his team Vern ​(pictured below)

Nailed it.

About Matt

If you're located outside NYC, you can still hang out when the National Touring Company of Broadway's Next Hit Musical​​​​ comes to your town.

And, if not there, check a bowling alley near you.​​

Fun Fact: Matt almost became a professional bowler. Ask him to tell you the story next time you see him!