Nailed it.

If you're located outside NYC, you can still hang out when the National Touring Company of Broadway's Next Hit Musical​​​​ comes to your town.

And, if not there, check a bowling alley near you.​​

Fun Fact: Matt almost became a professional bowler. Ask him to tell you the story next time you see him!



About Matt

 GIROVEANU: Jeeroh-VAN-ooh



You can find him singing made-up musicals and performing Musical Improv at The PIT every Wednesday night at 7p on his team Vern ​(pictured below)

Born and raised in Astoria, NY, no one ever

believes he's a real New Yorker. A nice guy, 

who believes chivalry is not dead and loves

Mexican food.                                       

​A graduate of Seton Hall University, Matt

received his B.A. in Television Production 

and double minored in Theatre Studies and 

Theatre Performance.