"Turning in strong performances are Matt Giroveanu as a hilarious door-to-door salesman in Kansas and The Great

and not so Powerful Oz. His commanding presence also

knows his way around a joke, and pulls off some of the

night's best physical comedy."

 - Mateo Moreno, The Artswire (The Wizard of Oz) 

"Matt Giroveanu absolutely sparkles in the dual roles of professor osland and the wizard."

 - Andrew Martin, The Andrew Martin Report (The Wizard of Oz)

"Giroveanu...gave a performance that captivated the crowd and had the audience roaring with laughter at several points."                                                              - Chris Harewood, The Alternative Press (Tartuffe)



"... is quite good in his delivery and comedy.  He’s a monkey who may know more than he lets on, and Giroveanu really takes us on that journey with him.

- Big Vision Empty Wallet (Adam of the Apes)

"Giroveanu is fine and ed's smarmy, pompous, glad-handing colleague fargo. he comes closer than any other to creating the polished, flamboyant grotesquerie that powell's comedy requires."

​Mark Dundas Wood, Backstage
(Big Night)

"Giroveanu's performance was excellent."

His dialogue/diatribe over the cheap Radio Shack microphone plugged into the beaten, second hand Crate guitar amp (deliberate low tech used to wonderful comedic effect) was flamboyantly vitriolic in a W.C. Fields/Vincent Price kind of way.  - Sohra Beyal, DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY (The Wonderful Remix of Oz)
"Matt has an incredible presence and a distinct voice that commands attention...great stuff. He brightens the stage with each entrance"
                                                                                             - Liz Whittemore, The Artswire (The Wonderful Remix of Oz)